The event of art entitled "I Want My Mirrors" started when the artist's announcement was advertised in Turkish and in English in his column entitled Kekeme (Stutterer) included in a site captioned Contemporary and Traditional Arts within

On the same day as the announcement was advertised in the Internet, the artist began to send the following e-mail captioned "A call from Hakan Akçura: I want my mirrors" to the addresses of over 500,000 Turkish users:


The link given below concerns an unusual event of art.

Entitled "I Want My Mirrors", this event is a call addressed to tens of thousands direct and millions of indirect subjects of my life.

All informative development concerning the content of this link (i.e. other links to be given, printed announcements, interviews, etc.) will be notified to you.

Aiming not to remain distant from the subjects it can reach by nature, this event tries to trail a way by means of this message sent simultaneously to over 500,000 e-mail addresses.

Nevertheless, I want or beg you to relay this message to all people in your address book (and even to ask them to send it to all in people in their address books...)

Furthermore, I ask all people, who are able to have my announcement given in the following link published in the Press, to do so in order to help me to realize this event of art.

I've set off on a journey!..

"I Want My Mirrors "

Thank you in advance!

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