Open call

i am hakan akçura
those who

gave birth to, breast-fed, brought up, changed diapers of, kissed, dressed, undressed, covered, caressed, ill-treated, fed, gave food to, left hungry, slept, awoke, loved, did not love, watched over, betrayed, educated, denounced, slapped, landed a fist on, kicked, bastinadoed, wetted, beat, healed, injured, operated, broke, packed up, shook, amazed, investigated, wondered, considered me important, did not consider me important, learned, knew, forgot, asked, did not ask, searched, found, remembered, did not remember, pulled my leg, irritated, maddened, provoked, perverted, tempted, remembered me good, remembered me bad, took me the way I am, could not take me the way I am, read, viewed, felt, sensed, watched, chased, arrested, imprisoned, judged, punished, sentenced, released, pardoned, did not pardon, waited for, heard, pushed, bumped, caught, stabbed, carried, made me faint, made me come around, upset, endured, did not endure, comprehended, yearned for, embraced me passionately, dreamed of, pleased, canceled, could not cancel, wanted, did not want, fell out with, examined, exploited, awarded, squashed, stung, tightened, wrote, painted, documented, shaved, weighed, thought of, cheated, saved, made me live in misery, made me beg, weakened, tired, shared with others, listened, heard about, wanted to kill or cursed me…

those who

surprised, worried, bumped, gave food, gave money, provided shelter, told their troubles, interfered with, got angry with, hated, posed for, trapped, attacked, fell in love with, presenting their bodies to, paid salary to, massaged, accompanied, befriended, called at, gave their love, stung, betrayed, scolded, made propaganda to, felt hatred of, had mercy on, felt compassion for, were offended by, shouted at, whispered, told, embraced, believed, disbelieved, harassed, prized, gave a diploma to, gave school reports to, gave school marks to, helped me to cheat, teased, conspired against, rented their houses to, sold objects to, sold clothing to, sold food to, sold cigarettes to, sold alcohol to, sold their bodies to, buy meals for, buy drinks for, gave presents to, gave passes to, throw balls at, tortured, damaged, gave pain to, put probes on, administered injections to, administered serum to, gave medication to, cussed at, told their troubles to, asked questions, gave answers, hated, stood, supported, psychoanalyzed, foisted themselves on, had mercy on, objected, fired at, ordered, enchanted me…

those who

accompanied me, made love to, spoke to, ate with, drank with, competed with, made fun of, fought, quarreled, were beaten, tortured, wrote graffiti, handed out statements, published magazines, carried out political actions, shouted slogans, sang, played chess, played games, shared, had discussions, debated, created, worked, walked around, walked the streets, traveled, were accused, were tried, educated, acquit, did time, slept, were interrogated, were arrested, were imprisoned, were remembered, lived, were seen, raced, clashed, supported, cooperated, danced with me…

those who

took lessons, cheats, purchased paintings, listened seminars from, were bored with, fell out with, wanted to get rid of, got rid of, took side with, had expectations, got more than they bargained for, received letters, received presents, received e-mails, received books, stole some things, leaned on, got promises, escaped from, were fed up with, hated, had hopes, did not hopes from, forwent, demanded some things, wanted explanations from, were scolded by, beaten by me…

she who is

my mother and

those who

were brothers, loves, friends, buddies, lovers, comrades, sidekicks, relatives, kinsmen, teachers, neighbors, landlords, school mates, class mates, business mates, street mates, inmates, army mates, sports mates, workshop mates, editors, employers, bosses, doctors, dentists, psychologists, grocers, butchers, green grocers, postmen, waiters, commanders, interrogators, torturers, guardians, prosecutors, judges, competitors, enemies of mine…
yes all those people, who got to know me one way or another… i want you to send me a page whose subject is me, which indicated how they see me, which pointed out the place they allocated for me inside them, which stated or told me, which will be written, drawn or created by them. sender of said page may identify or may not identify himself/herself. furthermore, senders might send an object, photograph, video cassette, film or audio cassette instead of such page. the pages or objects in question, which I would like to receive until my birthday of November 27, 2000, will be framed or otherwise prepared for presentation side by side in order of receipt, and be exhibited at a date as close to my birthday as possible. please be assured that I shall not tamper with said pages and objects (mirrors of my life), and exhibit them whatever their contents are. please contact me at the address Hakan Akçura, P.K. ..., Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey, or at Those who want to leave a voice message are welcomed to the answering machine at +90 212 249 .. ..

i want my mirrors

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